Ensan Ambassadors will be trained to produce documentary films of the highest standards that will be marketed to Western and Arab TV channels.

The Ambassadors will be selected after their ideas submitted through the website are accepted. They will go through a preliminary personal interview then a specialist will be appointed to work with the Ensan Ambassdor to develop, film, and broadcast their films.

Ensan Ambassador Canadian Exchange Program

Ensan Films has signed partnerships with several non-governmental and non-profit organizations in Canada dedicated to documentary film making and producing films that aim to raise awareness, promote education, human rights—films that support the mandate of Ensan Films.

Selected Ambassadors will be sponsored by Ensan Films to travel to Canada and participate in commissioned film productions and projects. Ensan Ambassadors based in Canada will also receive sponsorship to travel to the Middle East and work on films in the region.


Ensan Films provides financial grants to help develop ideas that are accepted by the board. The projects are then presented to the most reputable TV channels worldwide

Ensan Ambassadors

The first Ensan Ambassador grant was presented to Egyptian director Assem Metwally. On July 15th, 2019 he attended an advanced filmmaking course in the Vancouver Film School in Canada.

Upon completing the course, Metwally put some of his newly acquired skills to work as he interviewed prominent Egyptian-Canadian author Mrs. Azza Sedky. In the short film that will be posted on the website and social media, Sedky who is also the author of Cairo Rewind: The First Two Days of the Egyptian Revolution 2011-2013, takes Metwally on a tour around the panoramic city of Vancouver as she speaks about identity, politics, social justice and what it means to be a dual-citizen, an Egyptian-Canadian living with the values of both cultures.

The partnership between Ensan Films and Vancouver Film School is part of the “Ambassador Exchange Program” aimed at bringing young Arab filmmakers to Canada and Canadian filmmakers to the Middle East to share new ideas, talent, and participate in joint-film projects that put the focus on human rights and global affairs.

Metwally will be participating with the creative team of Ensan Films in the production of its first documentary film revealing how Turkey supported and financed ISIS fighters inside Syria.

Filmmakers interested in presenting their ideas and film treatments can fill the following application

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